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Who Are We?

KissMyMac is seen to be the leader in Apple post-warranty repair centre in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Damansara, Mont Kiara, and Bangsar for Apple AirPods, iMac, iPhone, iPad, iWatches, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and MacBook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. We specialize in Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad and iPhone such as Macbook Repairs, Macbook Screen Replacements, Macbook Battery Replacements, iMac Power Supply Replacements, in which we get it done and out within a few hours to reduce customers’ burden.

We hold firmly to the principle of “repair and replace what is defective.” We believe in going green by reducing digital e-waste, recycling it, and disposing of it in an ethical manner. We also practise Paperless Solutions in the Center which allow us to be environmental friendly center. ♻️


Macs Brought Alive In 2022

Best Reason Choose Us

FREE Diagnosis

Why pay someone to tell you that you have problems?!

We perform diagnosis on your Macs without charges. Sounds Fair?

Fast Repair Time

Fast Macbook and iMac parts replacement (i.e. Macbook Battery, Macbook Trackpad, Macbook Hard Drive, iMac Hard Drive, etc..) done Face To Face.

Well Trained In-House Technicians

All our own are In-house, skilled and well trained technicians to handle your Mac. Don't worry about your Machine going into a third pair of hands.
(Tips : Sometimes they can tell you what is the problem thru the phone/chat)

No Fix No Pay

Unfortunate events may happen as we can't predict electronic's life.
If we can't repair the machine, we don't charge you the repair fee.

Insurance Claims

Some of your devices have insurance coverage on the repair in the event anything that happens.
In order for the repair to be paid by the insurance company, we will be able to offer a technical report / assessment report for you to submit to the insurance company for claims.

What Other Reason To Not Hand Us Your Broken Mac?

What Services We Offer?

Macbook Repair

Repair your Macbook Pro/ Macbook Air Broken Screen, Speaker, Keyboard, or a damaged logicboard or water damaged logicboard

We solve All Macbook Problems

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iMac Repair

We Repair All New Or Old iMac.
Can't Turn On? White Screen? Loading Half Way? Fried Power Supply Unit? Screen Flickering? Zebra Lines On Screen?
We solve All Your iMac Problems

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iPhone Repair

iPhone battery doesn't last?
Cracked iPhone Screen?
Or Couldn't boot up your iPhone?
iPhone Stucked At Apple Logo?

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AirPods Battery Replacement

AirPods (Gen1 & Gen2) battery draining quickly? You don't want to get another AirPod just to have this AirPod sitting at home? Replace the AirPod battery now.
NOTE : We only provide battery replacement services.

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iMac Upgrade

Performance is the keyword. You want your iMac to perform, we want it to outperform! Upgrading your iMac with Solid State Drive (SSD) and Memory (RAM) will only keep your iMac going faster and further!
(Say GoodBye To The Loading "Beachball")

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iPad Repair

iPad battery doesn't last?
Cracked iPad Screen?
Or Couldn't boot up your iPad?
Stucked At Apple Logo?

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