Switching from a Windows User to a Macbook User? Want to buy a second-hand Macbook or iMac with good condition at a decent price tag? Then buying a refurbished Mac with warranty and technical support sounds like the best option. Alternatively, you can save extra money by purchasing a used Mac. 

It is always safe to buy something that you are aware of rather than buying blindly. Hence, it is recommended to have a hard drive pre-installed with MacOS to test out the machine’s functionality and also the condition of the MacBook or iMac that you have eyed-on.

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Below is a 7-Point check to help you identify a Good Second Hand Macbook:-

Check Point #1 : Check the Age Of the Mac

It is important to know the model and the year of the Mac that you are buying. There are two (2) ways for you to perform the verification which is by checking the system information.

Instruction for Way #1 : Move your mouse to the top left corner, you will see an Apple Logo (). click on it and select “About This Mac”. You will be able to see the details of the Mac there. This solution works for all apple computers.

iMac Serial Number at the bottom of the iMac stand.
Image Source : MacWorld.co.uk
Macbook Serial Number at the bottom of the Macbook cover.
Image Source : GoRoostr

Instruction for Way #2 : Get the serial number of the machine. For Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, the serial number is located at the bottom of the Macbook whereas for iMacs, it is located underneath the iMac stand. For Mac Mini, the serial number is located at the bottom of the Mac Mini.

Once you have gotten the serial number, you can check the specifications of the Apple Device that you’re buying through Apple’s Serial Number Checker or Ultimate Mac Lookup by EveryMac. You will be able to get the specifications of the Mac such as model, year, type of processor, type of display, etc.

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Check Point #2 : Check the Physical Condition Of the Mac

This is quite straight forward. This is one of the easiest things to look out for. You don’t want to buy a Macbook with scratches and dents everywhere. Check around the top cover, bottom cover, the sizes and edges for any dents or scratches. It depends on your luck, you may get a perfect condition Mac with no scratches and dents. However, you may also have to tolerate a bit of scratches or dents sometimes.

Check Point #3 : Check the Display Condition

Spot “dead” pixels on the display, use pictures with a mono-color background (red, green, blue, white). Simply open these images on the used Mac. If any pixels are damaged, you’ll notice small spots on the display.

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Check Point #4 : Check the Functionality Of the Mac

I bet you don’t want to buy a machine where you still have to do CPR for the machine yes? Try to booting up the machine to see if the machine boots up, you could also try running some programs such as the browser, playing around the system to see if there is any slowdowns. If the machine does not have any MacOS, you can pull out your hard drive with MacOS pre-intalled and load from your hard drive. Make sure it finish loading until the desktop background.

Check Point #5 : Check the Peripherals Of the Mac

After booting up the Mac, you may want to test the functions of the peripherals such as trackpad, every single keys of the keyboard, speakers, touch bar (if any)

Check Point #6 : Check All Ports On the Mac

There are many ports on a Macbook, iMac or Mac Mini computer. Either USB ports, HDMI ports, Thunder bolt ports, or Type C Ports, use any device that are available to test if the ports work because if these ports fail working, you will have to fork out a hefty amount of money to fix them!

Check Point #7 : Check The Battery

Macbooks are known for their battery performance. You want to make sure that your battery is in good condition before bringing it home and start marching with it. There are two things to check on the Macbook Battery.

i) Click on the Battery Icon, see if there are any warning message appear such as (Service Now, Replace Soon, Replace Now)

ii) Click the “Apple Logo” > select “About This Mac” > select “System report“. Next, select “Power” section on the left sidebar menu.

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We’ve reached the final point and we hope that all the above check points will help you buy a second-hand Macbook at an affordable rate! We hope your new toy service you well!

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Do you know that a second-hand Mac can also run on the latest MacOS – MacOS Catalina? Just make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements of MacOS Catalina.

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