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iMac Repair Common Problems

Having Issues With Your iMac? Looking for someone trusted to repair iMac?

We ONLY practise module replacements in your iMac. We repair and replace only damaged parts in your iMac without making unnecessary upgrades.

If you are not ready to buy a new iMac yet, repairing your iMac will be the most wallet-friendly option.

We provide end to end iMac Repair Solutions from Hard Drive Replacement, iMac Screen Replacement, iMac Logicboard Repair, to iMac Upgrades to fulfill your requirement.

Why Choose Us?

KissMyMac™ is Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP) in Malaysia Nationwide. We have access to Apple Genuine Parts to perform iMac Genuine Repair by using Apple Tools and Systems to conduct the repair.

KissMyMac - Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether is it worth to repair iMac is highly dependent on the issue of the iMac that you are currently facing, and also looking at your budget.

Sending it to KissMyMac to conduct a full iMac diagnosis will be best to identify the problem(s) directly and we will provide our recommendation on what is needed to fix and what is not.

The price to repair iMac is highly dependent on the issue of the iMac that you are currently facing.

Allowing KissMyMac to conduct a full diagnosis will be easier for us to identify the problem(s) and we will provide our quote as well as our professional recommendation on what is needed to fix.

Yes, All iMac Repair parts used by KissMyMac are certified parts and all parts that goes out of KissMyMac’s door comes with warranty unless specified.

This will lead back to the age of the iMac, usage of iMac as well as what are the current setup or configuration your iMac has. 

If you perform a periodic service to the iMac’s internal as well as upgrades from the hard drive to SSD, as well as with sufficient RAM, the iMac should last you for another few good years without any issue.

We are well trained, certified Apple Repair Specialist with more than 5 years of industry experience in Apple repairs. We cannot guarantee that we can fix your iMac for sure, but at least, we will try our best and so far the chances of unable to repair iMacs are less than 5% throughout our years of operating.

Yes and yes! It is definitely doable to speed up your iMac by our iMac SSD Upgrade and iMac RAM Upgrade, package in which it will speed up iMacs with at least triple your current iMac speed, making your iMac as good as new.

Trust us, you will fall in love with your iMac again. 

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iMac Repair & Upgrade

iMac MacOS Reinstallation

iMac Stuck at Apple Logo? iMac Not Loading? It may be suffering from a MAC OS Corrupt Issue Or Hard Drive Failure Issue.

iMac Repair & Upgrade

iMac Power Supply Failure

iMac power supply tend to fail due to power surge such as lightning strike, irregular power supply, etc.

iMac Repair & Upgrade

Broken Screen

Accidents happen when you move the iMac around and hit on something causing the iMac Screen/Glass To Break. Replace One iMac Screen will resolve it.

iMac Repair & Upgrade

iMac Graphical Unit Failure

Power On your iMac and see a white screen? Or the loading bar stuck in the middle without progress?

iMac Repair & Upgrade

iMac Hard Drive Failure

Hear clicking sound from iMac's internal? System loading very slowly?

iMac Repair & Upgrade

iMac Logicboard Failure

Unable to power up the iMac? You may be experiencing short-circuited Logicboard. Contact us for further diagnosis to confirm.

iMac Upgrade Services Upgrade Services Upgrade Services

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iMac SSD Upgrade

Have an old iMac that is operating slowly? Even new ones do! Upgrade your iMac to an SSD with more RAM space to gain the maximum performance back from your iMac! Don't trash it as it will break your wallet again to get a new one!

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iMac Memory Upgrade

Experience laggy performance while Multi-tasking on your iMac Very Often? You probably need a larger memory (RAM) to run heavy programs and multitask at the same time.

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