Macbook Logicboard Repair/Replacement

9 out of 10 Macbook cases are due to logicboard failure. But, replacement is not always the option to go for as they are costly. Hence, we have developed a new solution that we always take pride on - which is the macbook logicboard repair


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Common Macbook Logicboard Problems

This service is to repair the Macbook logicboard (a.k.a motherboard) for all Macbooks, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac by using micro-soldering technique to perform analysis to diagnose and replace/recover the damaged circuits and electronic components on the logicboard.

Here are some of the most common symptoms/causes that we found based on research and experience that requires Logicboard Repair:-

  • Unable to Turn ON/NO Power
  • No backlight
  • Macbook Auto-Restarts
  • Water Damage
  • Unable To Charge (After Testing With A Working Charger and Battery)
  • USB Not working/Not Detected
  • Auto-restart
  • Short circuit
  • CPU Damage
  • No Audio Detected
  • No Display Detected

Above sums up pretty much of the most common possibilities. There are problems that could be caused by a faulty logicboard, but that will require further diagnosis by our technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Macbook Logicboard Repair Involves micro-soldering techniques to diagnose faulty electronic chips on the logicboard and replacement of damaged electric components and recovering of electric circuits that is preventing the Macbook from performing its suppose work.

At KissMyMac, We offer component level logicboard repair for the Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air. We can even repair liquid damaged boards! All repair works are done in-house by our skilled technicians to ensure quality and consistency of our work.

Yes they are. 9 out of 10 Logicboards are repairable unless the Macbook Logicboards are severely damaged. 

At KissMyMac, we run on a No Fix, No Fee Basis. If we can’t fix your Macbook’s Logicboard, we will not charge you upon collection of the Macbook’s Corpse. 

All Macbook’s Logicboard fixed by us comes with a 90 days warranty.

If problem still persist,  we will refund you the money paid.

At KissMyMac, Macbook Logicboard Repair usually needs between 3 days to 2 weeks (depending on the severity of the damage).

The reason why we introduced Macbook Logicboard Repair service is that we believe every Macbooks deserves a second life. 

Repairing Macbook’s Logicboard is much cost effective than replacing macbook’s logicboard unless not repairable.

Macbook Logicboard Repair typically requires 3 days to 14 days to restore the Macbook. 


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