Macbook Logicboard Repair/Replacement

9 out of 10 Macbook cases are due to logicboard failure. But, replacement is not always the option to go for as they are costly. Hence, we have developed a new solution that we always take pride on - whic is the macbook logicboard repair

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Common Macbook Logicboard Problems

Below are some of the most common symptoms that we found based on research and experience:-

  • Unable to boot up Macbook
  • No backlight
  • Macbook Auto-Restarts
  • Water Spillage
  • Does not charge
  • USB Not working
  • Auto-restart
  • Short circuit

Above sums up pretty much of the most common possibilities. There are problems that could be caused by a faulty logicboard, but that will require further diagnosis by our technician.

The solution to the above mentioned problems is the purpose of this page – Macbook Logicboard Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Macbook logicboard Repair?

Logicboard repair is a highly skilled repair work which requires micro-soldering skill and high diagnosis ability on the motherboard/logicboard to look out for the faulty component or broken circuit on the logicboard. 

Most service providers collect your machine and send it out to people with in-house technicians to do the work for them. We take pride on that as we have our in-house team to do the repair work ourselves.

Are the Macbook Logicboard Parts you are selling Original?

Our answer is Yes. We are committed to providing quality services to our customers, hence, so do our products.

Is There A Warranty For Macbook Logicboard Repair?

The answer is - Yes. We often hear complaints that the service providers giving out short warranty period (for instance, the Macbook they fixed failed on the 31st day on a 30 days guarantee). We elimited this headache by providing a prolonged guarantee of 90 days. Often times, if your machine fails on the 100th day after the repair, we will still try to work closely with you to resolve the problem.

What is the lead time for the entire process?

A logicboard repair takes time between 3 days to 2 weeks or more - depending on the situation. 

Why should I choose you?

We don’t snatch parts.
Unfortunately, it is common that you send a laptop in for motherboard repair only to be taken advantage of. Since your laptop doesn’t turn on, this makes it an easy upsell – you have no idea what else still works inside the machine. We believe in stocking parts instead of stealing. We’ve already got what we need!

We use parts from the original manufacturers.
Most parts on your board are readily available. Apple does not manufacture the Intersil chip on the bottom of your A1466 Macbook that controls battery charging. The 0603 package fuse that blows when novice technicians attempt to replace the LCD without removing the battery on a Unibody machine are generic parts, not unique to Apple.

How do I Proceed?

Don't wait until it cannot be saved! Most of the cases where the owner have to replace a new logicboard because they took their sweet time hoping for the machine to come back alive, and that's where the nightmare begins

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