Airpod Battery Replacement

AirPod Battery Replacement Battery Replacement Battery Replacement

AirPod Battery 

AirPods Battery Replacement

Revive Old AirPod

Reuse AirPod 1, AirPod 2 or AirPods Pro Without
Throwing Hundreds Of Ringgit Into The Bin

AirPods Battery Replacement

Save Cost

Save Hundreds Of Ringgit For Buying A New Airpod when your old one
can still function as good after the battery replacement.

AirPods Battery Replacement

Save Environment

Reduce e-Waste, Save The World for our future generations.

AirPod Battery Replacement; AirPods Battery Replacement
AirPods Battery Replacement

Reuse AirPod 1, AirPod 2 & AirPod PRO

Your AirPods That Are Having Battery Draining Issue Can Be Sent In For Airpod Battery Replacement.

With Our Airpod Battery Replacement Service, it Will Restore AirPod To Original Usage Capability.


Only At A Fraction Of A New AirPod’s Price

Our Customer Did A Video Of His AirPod Battery Replaced By Us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All AirPod Batteries installed for AirPods 1, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro are certified batteries by our manufacturer to ensure quality and longetivity.

All AirPods Battery replaced Will Be Given a 90 days warranty Period. Any AirPod Battery that has defect  within the warranty period will be replaced on a 1 to 1 exchange basis.

AirPod Batteries Are Mostly Done After Our Working Hours. We stay up to replace the batteries, so we will require 2-3 days for the diagnosis, testing and replacement of the AirPod Battery to complete.

Common AirPods Battery Symptoms

AirPod users sometimes ask:-

  • “How do I know whether my AirPod battery needs changing?”
  • “Why My AirPod Keeps Disconnecting?”
  • “My Airpods can only last for 5-10 minutes”

Below are some of the most common symptoms that we found based on research and experience:-

  • Battery Doesn’t Last
  • Battery won’t hold charge (drains very quickly)
  • Unable to charge
  • Disconnects After 2 minutes of usage
  • Aged batteries will require replacement as well (Don’t be surprised!)

Above sums up pretty much of the most common possibilities of AirPods battery failure. There are problems that could be caused by a faulty battery, but that will require further diagnosis by our technician.

If you require assistance on AirPod 1, AirPod 2, AirPod 3, AirPod Pro battery replacement feel free to contact us!

Our Happy AirPod Users

AirPods Battery Used To Lasts For Hours

After Months/ Years, It Only Last For 2 Hours, Probably Lesser Cost To Replace AirPod Battery
At The Officials Cost You Almost A New Airpod

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