Macbook Repair & Upgrade

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Repair Service?
Repair Service?
Repair Service?

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Macbook Repair Service? Macbook Repair Service? Macbook Repair Service?

Mac Repair Specialist In Malaysia you can trust. We, at KissMyMac – The Mac Repair Specialist, provide a full range of Macbook Repair Services for your Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. We cover Macbooks from as old as 2009 up to 2022 M1-Chip Powered Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. If you are facing an issue with your Macbook, pick a service below or fill up the service request form.

Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Apple Macbook Models Supported

Why Choose Us?

KissMyMac™ is Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP) in Malaysia Nationwide. We have access to Apple Genuine Parts to perform Macbook Genuine Repair by using Apple Tools and Systems to conduct the repair.

KissMyMac - Certified Apple Independent Repair Provider Malaysia
Macbook Screen Replacement Malaysia -

Macbook Screen Replacement

Dropped your Macbook and screen cracked?
Seeing zebra lines on the Macbook?

Macbook Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery draining quickly? Macbook battery doesn’t hold long? Battery swollen causes Macbook body bulging?

Macbook Battery Replacement
Macbook Keyboard Replacement; KissMymac Macbook keyboard replacement; macbook keys fall off; macbook keyboard duplicate entry

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Macbook keyboard keys feel off the keyboard?
Certain keys are not usable on the keyboard?

Macbook Speaker Replacement

Do you hear cracking sound on your Macbook whenever you play some music or watch movies?

Macbook Repair & Upgrade
Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Macbook Water Damage

Accidents are unavoidable. If you spilled any drinks on your Macbook,
turn it off and consult us immediately!

Macbook Logicboard Replacement

Are you facing issues with your MacBook Air Or Macbook Pro and in need of a Macbook logicboard repair in Malaysia?

Macbook Logicboard Repair

Macbook Upgrade Services Upgrade Services Upgrade Services

Macbook Upgrade Services Upgrade Services Upgrade Services

Macbook Hard Drive / Macbook SSD

Macbook SSD Upgrade

Macbook is not performing the way it does?
Re-gain the speed and performance by upgrading your Macbook to an SSD!
(Only applicable for selective models only)

Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Macbook Memory Upgrade

Experience laggy performance while Multi-tasking on your Macbook Very Often? You probably need a larger memory (RAM) to run heavy programs and multitask at the same time.

Our Happy Mac Repair Users In Malaysia

Get professional Macbook repair service for all your needs

Our professional technicians are here to ensure your Macbook is running smoothly and efficiently.

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