Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Macbook Repair Works

Macbook Screen Replacement

Dropped your Macbook and screen cracked? Seeing zebra lines on the Macbook?

Macbook Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery draining quickly? Macbook battery doesn't hold long? Battery swollen causes Macbook body bulging?

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Macbook keyboard keys feel off the keyboard? Certain keys are not usable on the keyboard?

Macbook Speaker Replacement

Do you hear cracking sound on your Macbook whenever you play some music or watch movies?

Macbook Water Damage

Accidents are unavoidable. If you spilled any drinks on your Macbook, turn it off and consult us immediately!

Macbook Trackpad Replacement

Your Macbook Trackpad doesn't bounce? Have to give a larger force to make your trackpad click? It's time for a replacement

Macbook Upgrade Works

Macbook SSD Upgrade

Macbook is not performing the way it does? Re-gain the speed and performance by upgrading your Macbook to an SSD!
(Only applicable for selective models only)

Macbook Memory Upgrade

Experience laggy performance while Multi-tasking on your Macbook Very Often? You probably need a larger memory (RAM) to run heavy programs and multitask at the same time.

“I spilt mineral water on my Macbook Air! I was freaking out then I remembered I followed Kissmymac on instagram, I contacted them immediately and got my mac fixed the next day in just an hour!!! Technician was very friendly and even advised me on how to take care of my mac and explained to me what’s the problem. Highly recommended!!! Keep up the good work!”

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