Apple’s Macbook has been well known for its gold standard in the portable computer’s field. Apple has been the leader for years in the technologies such as aluminium unibody build, super sharp IPS screen (Retina Display), backlit keyboard and also the multitouch/multifunctional trackpad.

When it comes to buying a New MacBook, most people are confused with the options of the MacBooks that are available in front of their eyes. So, which Apple MacBook Should You Pour Your Hard-Earn Money Into Buying?

We have received many questions like – “Should I buy MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?”, “Why Can’t I Buy Macbook Air To Do Designing Work?”. There are always factors to consider when buying something – including buying yourself a new MacBook, which will not cost you no less than 4000 MYR. (Ouch!)

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Below are the Factors To Consider When Buying A New MacBook in 2020

1. Functionality / Usage For The MacBook

MacBook Buying Guide in 2020
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Are you a graphic designer, photographer, video editor, music producer, music composer, business owner or a freelancer? Knowing what do you intend to use for answers this question best.

If you are a business owner, freelancer, office person, do not perform graphic related work much, mostly word processing, documentation, your job requires you to travel quite often, web browsing, light weight video editing (i.e. Adobe Lightroom), The Apple MacBook Air is your best fit.

If you are a graphic designer, photographer, video editor, music producer, music composer, etc, and you perform graphic related work, it is obvious that you demand a MacBook with gives you more power, The Apple MacBook Pro is your favourable choice.

2. Mobility

Best Guide TO Buying MacBooks in 2020
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Do you work off-site or travel a lot? Do you have to jump into meetings very often with your laptop? Are you constantly going around working with your laptop?

If you are always on the go, in my opinion, you will favour something light and easy, I bet you don’t want something heavy and buggy in your bag that you have to carry till it cramps your shoulder muscles. With that said, again, MacBook Air is your best buddy.

If you are working at a fixed desk, doesn’t mind a little more weight, want more power while using your MacBook, don’t mind a little more weight, you have the answer in your head I believe, the MacBook Pro.

3. Budget

Best MacBook Buying Guide in 2020 -
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If you have that much money like the image above, you can buy any Macs you want; 😂😂

Last but not least, the most common factor of all times, BUDGET. When it comes to money, this is the main factor that often disrupts our consideration and affects our decision making process.

Is it worth paying MYR 12,000.00 for an Apple Laptop? To some people, Yes, To some people, No. We will leave this question back to you to decide whether is it worth it or not. But what we are buying is the value behind this MacBook. It is about how efficient can it help us in our work, how long can this MacBook last me if I pay that much money buying it (To be honest, An Apple MacBook can last you for at least 5 years, if taken good care).

If you see the value behind this machine, interested to buy but still have some financial struggles to bring the Apple MacBook back home, there are many alternatives you can land yourself one unit.

  1. Many merchants in Malaysia offers Easy Payment Plan (EPP) / instalment plan to help you own your ideal device.
    1. Machines Malaysia
    2. Harvey Norman
    3. Mac City
    4. Senheng
    5. Switch
    6. macStudio
    7. EpiCenter
  2. You can buy a refurbished unit
    1. Asking around your friends whether do they have any units to let go
    2. Going through local online marketplaces like Carousell,, Ebay
    3. KissMyMac also provides refurbished units, drop us a note if you’re interested.

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LINK : To learn more on tips and tricks when buying a second-hand MacBook, visit Guide To Purchasing second-hand MacBooks in 2020

Additional Information (IMPORTANT)

Buying a new device is always thrilling, but, at the same time, it can be also pain too! As Apple is investing and inventing a lot on the Machine’s security features, speed as well as the handiness of the machine, things are more and more rigid.

The market currently demands lighter, more powerful machines. Since 2016, Apple has stepped up their game by soldering the Solid State Drive (SSD) on to the logicboard (Macbook Pro 13″ amd 15″ touch bar 2016 onwards) and the Memory/RAM (Macbook Pro 13″ and 15″ 2012 and above, retina models only) to meet the demand of the market.

Hence, it is important to note that when buying a new machine, there are no more options to upgrade a Macbook in future as everything is soldered on the logicboard.

When buying a new Macbook, be it Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, always think of the usage for this Macbook. If you require intense performance, you may want to consider topping up some budget by getting a upgraded Macbook Pro (with more storage capacity, Memory and also the processor).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should A MacBook Last?

A MacBook should last for an average of 1-5 years depending on usage and your love towards the MacBook.

Should I buy a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

You have to know whether are you a Multi-Tasker. If you are a multi-tasker or heavy usage person, a MacBook Pro will definitely be your best choice. If you are a light weight user, MacBook Air is sufficient.

Can the New MacBooks Be Upgraded?

Many people have been asking, “Can I Upgrade the RAM or Storage of my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?” The answer is – It is highly dependent on which models you are looking at.

For MacBook Air, ALL The RAM/MEMORY is soldered directly on the logicboard, hence, no RAM upgrade work can be performed. The Storage/Hard Drive/Solid State Drive (SSD) is upgradeable.

For MacBook Pro,
– All MacBook Pros that are produced before Late 2012, the RAM can be upgraded. Any machines after Late 2012 are soldered directly on the logicboard. Hence, no RAM upgrade can be done.
– For all MacBook Pros that are produced before 2017, the storage/hard drive/Solid state drive can be upgraded. Any Macbook Pro that are produced after 2018 or the MacBook Pros that are with Touch Bar, the storage/hard drive/solid state drive (SSD) is not upgradable anymore as they are again, soldered.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

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    Hello there, this is Simone from KL. 😀 May I just check with you, if you are still offering free diagnosis service for MacBook Pro? 😄 I would like to drop by your office to have my MacBook Pro (13 inch from mid 2012 edition) checked to see if it can be upgraded. Also, am wondering if you have any refurbished MacBook Pro (preferably 16 inch) for sale. I hope to hear from you. Thank you very much.

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