Macbook Pro speakers are most prone to buzzing sound when overused. Replacing with a brand new speaker is the only solution.

Speed and Quality Macbook Speaker Replacement

Speed and Quality
Macbook Speaker Replacement

Common Macbook Speaker Symptoms

Macbook users sometimes ask – “Why my speakers crack so easily?”

There are a few most common problems that we found based on research and experience:-

  • Water Spillage
  • Wear & Tear – as speakers age, the tendency for internal to crack is higher as our macbook generates heat that could potentially weaken the strength of the diaphragm of the Macbook’s Speaker.
  • Prolong use of high volume music/videos will increase the tendency of the diaphragm speaker to crack
  • Accidental physical damage such as dropping the Macbook on the floor sometimes could crack the diaphragm of the speaker.

Above sums up pretty much of the most common possibilities. However, to further ascertain the problem, that will require further diagnosis by our technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we hear our Macbook Speaker buzzing and vibrating type of noise, it is most likely that the speaker of the macbook has cracked.

Most of the time, Macbook speakers crack is caused by the cracked membrane within the speaker, hence, producing buzzing/vibrating.

Yes, all Macbook speakers are replaceable.

All Speaker Replacement can be done within 15 minutes to 1 hour. Don’t Worry, you don’t have to leave your mac over at our place.

Speed and Quality Macbook Speaker Replacement


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