Macbook Water/Liquid Damage Repair

There is a 90% Chance Of Saving Your Water Damaged Macbook, IF handled within CRITICAL PERIOD.

Water Damaged Macbook Air/Macbook Pro

We Don't Care what you spilled, whether it is Coke, Wine, Choco, Starbucks, or Water, we try our best to Repair Your Water Damaged Macbook and Return it to Original Condition.

Accidentally Spilled Liquid on Your Macbook?

All we can say is Shit Happens. That’s life.

But don’t panic, it’s not end of the world yet. We’re here to clean up the mess for you. We just need your cooperation to bring your Water Damaged Macbook Back ALIVE.



Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) For Water Damaged Macbook

What Should I Do After Pouring Water On My Macbook?

Its not end of the world yet if you spilled water on your Macbook.

Follow The Few Steps below to reduce damage to your Macbook:-

  1. Immediately shut down your Macbook If it is still on!
  2. Open Up (Distant Up) the display and also the body. Purpose of doing so is to provide sufficient airflow to dry up the liquid inside the Macbook.
  3. Overturn the Macbook Upside-down to prevent Water from sipping into the inner part of the Macbook, reducing damage to the Macbook.
  4. Wait For 2-3 hours to see and try to turn on. If nothing happens, you may call us to schedule for a diagnosis on you Water Damaged Macbook.

The Best Way Is To Consult a trusted Macbook Repair Service Provider so that you will not have any after effect.

How Much To Repair Water Damaged Macbook?

The cost to repair a water damaged macbook depends on the parts that are damaged. Usually, the keyboard is a MUST to be replaced as the liquid has gone direct contact with the liquid, trackpad might be the next, next in line is the logicboard, battery and possibly the display. 

It is always good to check with your trusted Macbook Repair Specialist to confirm on the damaged caused.

How Long Is The Time Required To Repair Water Damaged Macbook?

Few Hours to Few Weeks.

Again, it depends on the Damaged parts.

Check with your Macbook Repair guy.

How do I Proceed?

IF you have a water damaged Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, its better to get it fixed ASAP, as it might lead to bigger problems.

Never wait until the boat has left 🙂


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