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Common Macbook Screen Symptoms

Macbook users sometimes ask –
“How do I know whether my Macbook Air Screen / Macbook Pro Screen needs replacement?”; “Is it my Macbook screen damage or my graphic card damage?”; “How come when I plugged it to an external display and it works?”

Below are some of the most common Macbook Air/Macbook Pro Screen Damage symptoms that we found based on research and experience:-

  • Water Spillage
  • Screen Connector Burnt
  • Very dim display
  • Zebra Lines on Screen
  • Flickering screen
  • Black lines on upper/lower portion of screen
  • Cracked screen
  •  NO backlight

Above sums up pretty much of the most common possibilities for Macbook Air Screen Damage/Macbook Pro Screen Damage. There are problems that could be caused by a faulty Macbook Screen, but that will require further diagnosis by our technician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Macbook Screen Replacement cost varies according to the model of the Macbooks. 

Macbook Air Screen Replacement cost range from RM600 up to RM2500 whereas Macbook Pro Screen Replacement cost range from RM700 to RM5000.

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Question of worthiness to replace your Macbook Air / Macbook Pro screen is highly subjective.

It highly depends on the TLC we give the Macbook. If we always slam the screen, then we will probably know the lifespan of the Macbook screen. However, if the macbook screen is filled with care and love (provided without any manufacturing defects), it should be serving you until you ignore the macbook.

All Macbook screens we supply are original, there will be no downgrade in terms of display quality.


This is one of the most frequent question I receive from customers. There answer is a big NO.

The reason being is that each display (whether retina or non-retina) comes with different set of cables, hence, there is no option availble to upgrade the screen.

If you are having the newer Models Of Macbook Air (2018 and above)/ Macbook pro (2016 and above), all Macbook Screen Replacements done with us are according to the original specification of the Laptop.

Hence, to answer your question, YES.

Common questions we get – my Macbook Air Screen Cracked or my Macbok Pro Screen cracked. Is there any cheaper way to replace the Macbook Screen? Lucky enough, we found a new solution which is Macbook Air LCD Replacements and Macbook Pro LCD Replacements. If you are looking for Macbook Air LCD Replacement or Macbook Pro LCD Replacement, you have come to the right place.

Contact us to check whether your model is eligible for the LCD Replacement.


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