How To Save Webpage As PDF on iOS

Saving webpage as PDF is one of the easiest methods to read them offline, and thanks to a tool provided by Apple, it’s simple to do so on the iPhone and iPad. Save webpage as PDF is very convenient for people who are constantly on a move. (You cannot be keeping your tabs in Safari opened right?)

Though there are alternatives such as Pocket, PDFs are frequently the easiest option to save a single web page for later viewing on an iPhone or iPad, especially if you want to annotate it.

Saving webpage as a PDF assures that you may read an item offline, but it is also beneficial if you wish to share it or see it on a different device.

The entire procedure is incredibly simple and involves only one piece of software, Safari.

How To Save Webpage As PDF on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

  • In Safari, navigate to the webpage or article you’d like to save
  • Tap the Share button
  • At the top of the window that appears, tap Options
  • Tap PDF
  • Tap Done

After selecting PDF as the sharing format, you can share or save the file in the same manner as other files. You can AirDrop it to your other Apple devices, send it to yourself or someone else over iMessage, email it, or store it to the Files app on your device.

Here is the sample result of the pdf generated.

How To Save Webpage As PDF on iOS

What other ways you are using to keep your articles on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know in the comment section below.

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