How to handle Spilled Water on Macbook
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How to handle Spilled Water on Macbook


Spilled water on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air? Water damage on your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air might not be as scary as you think if you read the article below which will explain to you how to handle your Macbook after you have spilled water or liquid on your Macbook. Before getting panic, you can take a few quick steps which may help to save your Macbook. There is no guarantee that the Mac will be saved from permanent water damage, but sometimes you can recover a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from water damage by responding quickly to reduce the damage caused to your Macbook.

What are the actions that you can take to save or reduce the water damage cause to your Macbook?

Continue reading on to learn on some of the tips to help save your water damage macbook. It is still not the end of the world yet! 🙂


1. Safety is always our priority
Safety should always be your number one priority. Electricity and water obviously couldn’t mix well (just like cats and dogs), if you’re not sure what to do, contact us for immediate support. If there’s a lot of water spilled, you should take extra precautions for your own safety (like unplug the power cord from your Mac immediately).

2. Turn OFF your Macbook IMMEDIATELY
The best way besides doing anything is to SWITCH OFF your Macbook immediately once the water damage occur.

NOTE : Just in case you don’t know how to force switch off, PRESS and HOLD on the POWER button until the screen goes off.

3. Unplug ALL Cables / Cords from your Macbook
Disconnect any plug-in cables or cords from your Macbook. Disconnect your Battery IF Possible.

4. Contact your trusted Macbook Service Provider for a diagnosis
The best way is to seek professionals to look into this issue immediately. DO NOT let technician A to check and clean your logicboard, then further send it to technician B. This will cause the second technician (Technician B) unable to detect what is being damaged.

If above steps are insufficient, kindly contact us via the contact details provided at “Contact | KissMyMac

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