Is It Worth To Repair Your Mac / Apple Devices?

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Imagine This: You’re sitting at home, sipping coffee and working on your MacBook Pro. Your cat climbs up onto your lap out of nowhere. You drop both your coffee and your laptop as a result of this.

What’s the end result? You’ve now acquired a physically damaged MacBook Pro with a cracked screen and maybe liquid damage! As a result, your MacBook Pro may be rendered utterly worthless, leaving you without a laptop. Should you still repair your mac?

The process to Repair Your Mac is not only inconvenient but also expensive. You have two options at this point:

  1. Repair your broken Macbook
  2. Purchase a new MacBook

Regardless of the cause of your broken Macbook, repair your mac a shattered screen or a water-damaged MacBook is still less expensive than buying a new one.

Should You Still Repair Your Mac If You Have an Out-of-Warranty MacBook?

If you have a broken Mac, and you are bringing it to Apple to repair your mac, you will be charged an exorbitant fee for an out-of-warranty MacBook repair.

If the damage was caused by a liquid spill or a drop, you could get a quote for half the price of a new MacBook!

New MacBooks Aren’t Cheap At All. A basic spec’d Macbook could cost you at least RM5,000.00. Repair your Mac is still more affordable instead! Plus, we are playing a role together to reduce e-Waste!

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Apple Macbook Repair Tiers Explained


Mac repairs are categorized into three different tiers. If the MacBook chassis is scratched or destroyed, the only way to go about it is that our specialists will have to replace it with a new chassis. If there is a coffee spill on the logic board, the logic board MUST be treated with the utmost urgency to prevent further corrosion to the components on the Macbook logic board. The worst-case scenario will be just replacing the logic board.

If over three components are needed to be fixed in Tier 1, we could upgrade the repair to the higher tier level. For instance, if your Mac needs to replace three different components in Tier one, you’ll be upgraded to Tier two pricing – hope that makes sense.

  • Tier 1: The first Tier is usually minor components. For instance, cables, reseating, feet or screws. It can be structural parts like brackets.
  • Tier 2: This encompasses assemblies and minor boards. This takes account of replacement of inverter assembly, power supply replacement, or interconnects board. Also, it may include enclosure components or an LCD polarizer.
  • Tier 3Any replacement to a Hard Drive falls under the category of tier 3. More info here.
  • Tier 4: This is for big and detrimental problems. This takes account of the major logic board or a replacement of the screen.

Broken or Damage MacBook Screen 

A shattered screen might be disastrous. Although your Mac is still functioning, it can be inconvenient to use, and the damage will eventually worsen. You’re not alone if your MacBook’s screen is cracked. Screen repairs account for over a quarter of all repairs handled by our specialists.

Macbook screen repair or screen replacement normally costs the most in repairing your Mac. People usually have the most concern about this when they repair their mac, as it costs the most. It doesn’t matter if you dropped your laptop at home, had a pixel issue, or dropped something heavy on it; replacing your Macbook Screen will solve your issue.

Find out more about Macbook Screen Replacement.

Liquid Damaged Repair on MacBook 

We quote repairs based on tiers and damage. For example, if you have a 13-inch Apple Macbook and spill coffee on it, the repair will come under the Tier 4 category. Spilling liquid on your mac is the most disastrous event that could happen because by your logicboard can go complete faulty and the documents or your work files may not be recoverable for the Mac with soldered hard drive chips.

Wear and Tear Mac Repair

Accidents aren’t the only cause of MacBook damage. There are times when technological devices simply age. Years of use impose strain on technology, and natural wear and tear are to be expected. Random shutdowns, a non-responsive or sticky keyboard, and trackpad, shorter battery life, port troubles, and overheating issues, to name a few, are signs of aging.

Should You Still Repair Your Mac, Conclusion…

Considering whether to repair your Apple devices is really dependent. There is no one-size-fits-all as decisions to repair your mac falls back to the feasibility of repairing it, be it technically and/or financially. If a device fails and you can afford a new machine, I am sure you know what is your next step. If you are considerate about the environment and your money, repairing your Apple device is definitely the best option.

More About Apple Repair

To find out more about the Apple repair services we offer, you can click on the available options below (they are hyperlinked):-

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  2. iMac Repair
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  4. iPad Repair
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Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Repair

Is It Worth Repairing Your Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple Devices?

The answer to this question is very subjective to the damage to the Apple device. If the repair costs rack up too high, it will be ideal to purchase a new Apple device. However, if the repair cost for the Apple device is within your budget, you may move on to the repair steps suggested by us.

Remember, repairing your Apple Devices means you are contributing to reducing e-Waste.

What Is The Cost To Repairing Apple Devices?

The cost of repairing Your Apple Devices varies by the type of device (i.e. Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and also the parts that require replacement.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Apple Device?

The time required to repair your Apple Device depends on the type of device (i.e. Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.) and also the service required.

You may check out our website for the list of repair services we offer for Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

What is the average lifespan of An Apple Device?

How long do Apple Devices last? We’d say five to eight years, depending on the usage and also the love gave to the Apple device.

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