20 Most Important Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Every Macbook Users MUST KNOW

We spend a substantial portion of our day in front of our computers. If you are an Apple Mac user, these mac keyboard shortcuts no doubt make our lives simpler.

MacBook has a variety of keyboard shortcut, which is one of its most important features. If you’re new to Mac, though, knowing all of these mac keyboard shortcuts might be difficult but it definitely pays off to learn these mac keyboard shortcuts.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the twenty most important and useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. This collection of Mac keyboard shortcuts is divided into two parts to help users get the most from their iMacs, MacBook Pros, and MacBook laptops while having a more fun time using your Mac. 🙂

Alright, let’s get into the topic.

20 Most Important Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Every Macbook Users MUST KNOW

12 MUST KNOW Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

1. CMD + W

Closes the active window you are currently in. Use Option-Command-W to close all currently active app windows.


Application freezes while using? There isn’t anything that you can do but only to restart the app. What if you are in a rush? Using this shortcut key will show a force quit window and allow you to select the application that you want to kill.

3. CMD + Comma (,)

This is one of the less well-known Mac keyboard shortcut, yet it’s really handy. It works like this: you’re working in an app and want to access the Preferences menu. If you prefer, you may go to the menu bar and scroll down to the preferences. Alternatively, you may just hit Command-, (comma) to get to them as quickly as possible.

4. CMD + Space

Command-Space activates Spotlight; simply press these keys and begin entering your search. (I assume you’re familiar with Command-tab?)


Hit Command and the left arrow (CMD + LEFT) to move the cursor to the head of the sentence; whereas, Command and right arrow (CMD + RIGHT) moves the cursor to the tail of the sentence.

6. CMD + P

Do you use the File menu to open a document before printing it? Instead, try this: In Finder, select the document and hit Command-P. The Print dialogue will display after the item has been opened. Nowadays, almost any software allows the use Command-P to print the current item.

7. CMD + Q

After using applications, clicking the red round button on the top left window closes it. However, it does not indicate that the application is completely halted. (If you notice on your Dock, after pressing the red round button, there is a little white dot below the application icon, indicating that the application is running backend, which eats up computing power). Using Command + Q will quit the app completely allowing more free space for the system to operate.

8. CMD + CTRL + Q

Walking away from your Mac? Use this mac keyboard shortcut key to quickly keep your mac locked!

9. CMD + M

To minimise the front app window to Dock, hit this combination, or Command-Option-M to minimise all of the front app’s windows.

10. CMG + G

I’m sure you use Command-F to look for things like words in a document or on a website. Its less well-known cousin is Command-G. It may be used to go through each instance of the object you’re looking for. This means that if you use Command-F to locate all the references of ‘Command’ on this page, then press Command-G to navigate through each one, you’ll be able to find them all. You may also go back to the previous mention by pressing Shift-Command-G.


This mac keyboard shortcut highlights text by the entire word, instead of SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT arrow key, which highlights a single letter each time.

12. SHIFT + CMD + LEFT / RIGHT arrow

This shortcut key highlights the entire sentence. With this functionality, it saves you tonnes of time instead of hitting the arrow keys hundreds of times if you’re copying a long sentence.

20 Most Important Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Every Macbook Users MUST KNOW

8 Must Know Browser Shortcuts On MacOS

13. CMD + LEFT / RIGHT Arrow Key

Hit the Command and left arrow key (CMD + LEFT) will take you back to the previous page in your browser. Command and right arrow key (CMD + RIGHT) will take you one page forward.

14. OPTION + CMD + LEFT / RIGHT Arrow Key

Using this shortcut key helps you navigate between tabs in your browser. Assuming that you have 10 Safari or Google Chrome tabs opened and you will want to navigate through those tabs, this keyboard saves your lazy hand from moving the mouse.

15. CMD + NUMERIC KEYs (1,2,3,4,5 and so on)

This is an alternate solution for #14. If you have 10 tabs and you know the exactly which tab you want to go to.

For instance, pressing CMD + 3 will lead you to the 3rd tab of the browser window.

However, there is a limitation to this feature. This feature only supports up to 9 tabs. It doesn’t work on the 10th tab and onwards.

16. CMD + T

Use this command to open up a New Tab in your browser.

17. CMD + SHIFT + T

Accidentally close the tab that you are halfway reading on that interesting article, use this feature to restore the closed tabs.

18. CMD + N

Hit this to open up a new browser window, just in case your current browser window is clogged up with tabs.
EXTRA : Use CMD + SHIFT + N to open up Incognito Window [Private Browsing ;)]

19. CMD + Plus (+) / Minus (-)

Use this command to zoom in (CMD + (+)) and zoom out (CMD + (-)) of the page just incase you need to focus on something really small.

20. CMD + R

Looking at a white blank web page that takes forever to too? Use this command to refresh the website telling it to load again.


1. How Can I ScreenShot On A Mac?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. To do a screenshot on your Mac:-

  • Full Screen Capture : Hit CMD + SHIFT + 3
  • Selected Section : Hit CMD + Shift + 4

2. Can I Record Screen On My Mac?

Yes, you can. Hit CMD + SHIFT + 5 and select the screen you would like to record the screen activity. Voila!

Hope this article helps!

For more MacOS Keyboard shortcuts, you may take a look at Apple’s extensive keyboard shortcut guide.

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