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Managed Apple and non-Apple IT Services For SME and Corporations in Malaysia
KISSMYMAC For Business

Small And Medium enterprises account for 97.4% of Company Establishments in Malaysia from 2016 - 2021 based on data provided by SME Corp Malaysia

SME Corp Malaysia

Our Specialty

KISSMYMAC For Business

Web Development & Search Engine Optimization

Having A Website is as important as having a good storefront. Besides, having a ranking website is utmost important so that your business gain the widest coverage in your niche.

KISSMYMAC For Business

Managed Business IT Solutions

Starting Up A Company? Need help to setup the IT systems like networking, printer, server for your company? Save cost on managing internal IT Team.

KISSMYMAC For Business

Workstation Optimization

Making sure your IT appliances and computers are working at their optimum is our priority at KissMyMac. Conducting routine checkups on your company's IT Appliances to ensure they are producing maximum output to support your business.

Why Choose Us

KISSMYMAC For Business

5 Stars Reputation

KissMyMac has been in business for more than 4 years with 5.0 Stars Excellent Customer Experience Evident On Facebook and Google.

KISSMYMAC For Business

On-Site & Pick Up

We provide Pick Up & Delivery Service for the Macs that you are having problems with. It won't bother your working hours and meetings, unless you are sneaking out for a coffee.
(Opps. Pardon Me. 😁)

KISSMYMAC For Business

Cost Savings

Our special pricing for SME and Corporates is what distinct us from serving than chopping. Our role is to support and ensure your company Macs & IT Equipments work in perfect condition to provide you the maximum output and cost savings.

KISSMYMAC For Business

Employee Benefits

Not only your company enjoys Corporate Rate, Your Staff Does Too! Employees of Companies that agree to partner with us, will be entitled special rate as a Employee Benefit.

KISSMYMAC For Business

Corporate Experience

Our experience constantly working with international schools across Malaysia as well as SMEs and corporates to ensure IT equipment and gadgets provide their best investment output.

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